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Fire Hydrants For Singapore Properties

Kimty provides a comprehensive, one-stop service for businesses requiring design, build, supply and installation of underground and above ground piping, as well as pressure and flow rate testing and certification of fire hydrant systems to FSSD and QP standards. 

A crucial part of any active fire protection plan, these units provide a convenient connection point at which firefighters can access a water supply. These systems require careful designing and strict standards of quality to ensure that they can perform at optimal efficiency when needed. Kimty is a respected firm with more than four decades of experience in the servicing and provision of advanced fire suppression equipment, ensuring that properties of all sizes are adequately outfitted and protected.

Ideal for large commercial and industrial sites
Especially on large properties, the distance from a fire to the nearest public hydrant may be too far for responders to quickly reach, meaning you will be required to install one or multiple private fire hydrants. Singapore Civil Defence Force regulations require a private hydrant within 50 metres of every point of a fire engine access road. Ensure that your build is in full compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations and invest in the Kimty range of products and services.

Enquire today about our fire hydrants and portable fire suppression equipment
Providing sufficient fire suppression and protection equipment is not costly nor expensive when you work with our professional team. Our collection of products ensures that every property from small two-bedroom homes up to large industrial facilities have correct, effective, and up-to-date gear.

Discuss your needs with our team today and find out how simple we could make it to make your property safer. Contact us via email at or send us a message through our enquiry page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also call us on +65 6255 3255.




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