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Exit & Emergency Lights for Singapore Businesses

Kimty offer Singaporean businesses a one-stop service for the design, construction, supply, installation, connection of emergency and exit lights. Our experienced technicians also check, test and certify these systems to FSSD and QP submissions.

These units are a crucial part of any building’s fire safety plan. These signs display helpful information directing people where to go in the event of a fire or other emergency, and are placed along the fastest route to the exit usually accompanied by directional arrows.

Proper signage saves lives

Arguably the most widely used piece of safety equipment in the event of a crisis, ensuring proper placement and operation of your exit & emergency lights is crucial. While only a handful of people will be capable of utilising a fire extinguisher, everyone will be relying on these signs to point them to safety. As such, there are strict restrictions on the use and placement of emergency lighting and signs.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force Fire Code requires the placement of exit and directional signs in buildings over every exit on every floor. Directional signs are to be provided in long corridors and open floor areas, as well as in any situation where the exit is not immediately visible. Please refer to the Fire Code for in-depth description of the location and prevalence of signage and lighting.

Place an order for our emergency & exit lights today

Ensure that your building is properly outfitted and start a discussion with a Kimty representative. With more than four decades of providing fire safety products and services to people across Singapore, we’re a respected, trustworthy and experienced company who are ready to help.

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