how to operate

Pull the pin on the fire extinguisher.

Hold the extinguisher with both hands; one on the discharge handle while the other supporting the base of the extinguisher.

Stand several feet from the fire, aim at the base of the fire and depress the handle. Sweep back and forth to extinguisher the fire until it is completely out.

Wait for any signs of re-ignition. Should the fire re-ignites, extinguish it immediately.

Should you have any doubt on your control of the situation, leave the area immediately and if possible, close the door to prevent fire from spreading and call for help.

ALWAYS REFILL THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER AFTER USE. It does not matter how much of the content has been used to extinguish a fire. As long as it has been used even a tiny bit, you must get the extinguisher checked and refilled. This is to ensure the extinguisher is on ready condition to fight the fire should such accidents occur.