Fire Hose Reel

    Fire Hose Reel Supply and Maintenance in Singapore

    Kimty provides a one stop service from design and build, supply and installation, replacement, relocation, maintenance, pressure testing, pump testing and certified of fire hose reel system to QP and FSSD submission.

    For larger residential and commercial buildings, a reel provides the ability to quickly and effectively combat fires, combining the portability of a fire extinguisher with an enhanced extinguishing capability. With a minimum flow rate of more than half a litre a second, our reel systems provide an effective counter-measure for Class A (solids such as wood, plastic, paper, et cetera) fires.


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    Fire house reels

    These common devices enable easy use of high pressure water spraying functionality, allowing effective suppression of fires up to 30 metres away. Manufactured in strict accordance with the relevant technical standards provided by the British Standards Institution, they’re a basic and reliable component in many building’s fire-fighting apparatus.


    Manual Swing Type – Die Cast


    Hose Reel Drum


    Hose Reel Nozzle


    Globe Valve


    1″ Hose

    Disc Diameter565 mm
    Hose25 mm x 30 m
    Swing Dimension25 mm x 565 mm x 190 mm
    Close Dimension280 mm x 565 mm x 190 mm
    Recess Dimension760 mm x 760 mm x 320 mm
    Working / Test Pressure12 Bar / 18 / Bar
    Minimum Flow Rate34 litres / min
    Drum FinishingRed (RAL3000) Epoxy Polyester Electrostatic Powder Coating
    Manufactured & Certified toBS EN 671-1:2001

    Fire Extinguisher & Hose Reel Cabinet

    The two most commonly seen devices when it comes to fire fighting. These cabinets keep your firefighting equipment safe from tampering while still offering fast, easy access in the event of an emergency.

    Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

    Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

    TypeSize (L x B x H)
    4 kg ABC Extinguisher and below300 mm x 190 mm x 550 mm
    9 kg ABC Extinguisher and below270 mm x 250 mm x 720 mm


    Plastic Fire Extinguisher Box

    TypeSize (L x B x H)
    9 kg Extinguisher and below310 mm x 250 mm x 675 mm


    Fire Hose Cabinet and Breeching Inlet Cabinet

    TypeSize (L x B x H)
    Fire Hose Box (1 Hose)650 mm x 600 mm x 250 mm
    Fire Hose Box (2 Hoses)650 mm x 600mm x 350 mm
    2-way Breeching Inlet Cabinet570 mm x 395 mm x 305 mm
    4-way Breeching Inlet Cabinet570 mm x 570 mm x 305 mm


    Fire Hose Reel Cabinet

    TypeSize (L x B x H)
    Hose Reel800 mm x 800 mm x 368 mm

    Fire Fighting Hoses

    Similar to fire hose reels, fire fighting hoses are used for high pressure water spraying functionality.


    Polyester Fire Hose


    Syntex Unidur

     Polyester Fire HoseSyntex Unidur
    FeaturesAn all polyester single jacket product
    Light weight, compact
    Highly resistant to most chemicals, petrol products, ozone & U.V. exposure, hydrolysis, rot and mildew
    Amazingly thin but smooth inner waterway
    Low friction loss for maximum flow
    Available in double jacket upon request
    Assorted couplings available upon request
    Absolutely tough, durable and very abrasion resistant
    Resistance to oil, petrol and a wide range of chemicals
    Temperature range from – 40°C up to + 100°C
    Resistance to U.V. and ozone
    Low elongation and very low friction loss
    Excellent adhesion between rubber and textile
    No cleaning or drying required
    ApplicationIndustrial and municipal fire brigadesMunicipal fire brigades
    MilitaryShipboard, marine and offshore
    Marine fire fightingChemical industry
    Interior rack and reel hoseRefineries, irrigation, agriculture
    Commercial and civil engineering
    ConstructionSingle jacket, 100% high tensile strength virgin polyester filament yarns, both warp and filler
    High grade EPDM liner, cold flexible, suitable also for hot water, excellent resistant to sea water, U.V. and ozone
    100% high tenacy polyester yarn, circular-woven (reinforcement)
    Embedded in a high-quality, special synthetic rubber on the basis of Nitrile / PVC
    Extruded through the polyester weave
    Standard Length10 m, 15 m, 20 m, 25 m, 30 m, 40 m and other length available upon request10 m, 15 m, 20 m, 25 m, 30 m, 40 m and other length available upon request
    ApprovalsUL Listed
    BS 6391 Type 3
    M.E.D. 96/98/EC
    Pressure Requirement
    Internal DiameterWorking PressureBursting Pressure
    Internal DiameterWorking PressureBursting Pressure