Dry / Wet Riser

    Wet and Dry Riser Systems For Singapore Buildings

    Kimty provides an one stop service from design and build, supply and installation, breeching inlet replacement, maintenance, hydrostatic testing, pump testing and certified of rising main system to QP and FSSD submission.

    These systems provide easy access to water for firefighting purposes at various points across multiple storeys in a building. Where portable water or chemical supplies would be impractical, wet and dry risers enable firefighters to easily access water supplied by an external pressurised source.

    The choice between a wet and a dry riser will depend on your building’s water pressure. If there is doubt that your building’s water pressure will be insufficient for firefighting purposes, a dry riser is preferred. Kimty provides landing valves suitable for use with both systems that are to be installed on every floor requiring riser access.

    An inlet breeching is the point within a dry riser system at which fire and rescue services connect their own water supply. Fire engine access is required within 18 metres of the inlet. These are to be placed somewhere easily accessible in an area that provides safety and convenient building access for firefighters. Kimty offers both two and four-way inlets enabling multiple connections and higher volumes of water to be utilised.


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    Landing Valves & Breeching Inlets


    Screw Oblique Landing Valve

    ModelScrew Oblique Landing Valve
    Weight4.62 kg
    Body MaterialCopper Alloy to BS 1400
    HandwheelGrey Cast Iron / Aluminum Alloy
    CapPlastic with Chrome Chain
    Test Pressure24 Bar
    Working Pressure15 Bar
    Seat Test16.5 Bar
    Body Test22.5 Bar
    Inlet65 mm Screw Thread
    Outlet65 mm Female Instataneous to BS 336
    FinishingRed Colour (Wet Riser)
    Yellow Colour (Dry Riser)


    Breeching Inlets

    ModelBI 2BI 4
    Overall Length325 mm350 mm
    Overall Width210 mm350 mm
    Overall Height250 mm275 mm
    Overall Weight18.1 kg38.8 kg
    FinishingRed Colour (Wet Riser)
    Yellow Colour (Dry Riser)
    Body MaterialDuctile Iron
    Manufactured toBS 2789/QT 400