Fire extinguishers are designed in many forms and shapes. It is important to choose an extinguisher that comes with a Pressure Indicator or a Pressure Gauge as it provides a means to check the pressure that is currently inside the extinguisher. The pressure inside the extinguisher acts as a propellant to push out the extinguishing agent.

In Singapore, all commercial buildings and offices are required to have regular Service Maintenance contractors to do the checking and certifying of the serviceability of the extinguishers.

In private homes, there are no such regulatory requirement but are strongly recommended to perform occasional self-checks to ensure their effectiveness in times of emergency. You would not want to end up with an extinguisher that may malfunction.

The extinguishers should also be refillable as this is not only more cost effective in the long run, but also more environmentally friendly.

Prevention is Better than Cure – Always have a Fire Extinguisher handy and ready for use.

Accidents do happen. Prevention should be taken to minimize effects of fire. It is strongly recommended that each household should have at least one extinguisher stored in a prominent and easily accessible place, at locations where a fire outbreak is likely.

You must always remember that you are not required to fight a fire. It is important to remember that a fire extinguisher is meant for small fires, at the point it initially break out. The whole idea is to stop the fire from spreading. Should you have any doubts about your control of the situation DO NOT FIGHT THE FIRE. LEAVE THE AREA AND CALL FOR HELP.