KIMTY since 1975

KIMTY International Supply was a small family business founded in 1975 as an approved fire protection and prevention company in the installation and maintenance of fire protection equipment. Since then, we have focused on providing the most valuable price without compromising and prioritizing in after-sales support to our clients. Driven by new strategic business interests, we renamed to KIMTY Fire M&E Engineering Pte Ltd in 2024 and have extended our service offerings.

Through these long years, we have come to understand the most important thing in business is not profit but having the right set of values, which holds everything together. Therefore, as a company we have put forth 6 values, which shall guide our daily work and decision making.


To preserve and protect life and property for our community and surrounding areas. We will provide the highest level of Fire Prevention Services by educating the public, engaging in community outreach, adopting progressive training techniques and maintaining. We have created financial success together with our customers as we meet our goal of providing the finest quality products and services with honesty and integrity to our customers and to do this more efficiently, safely and economically than our competitors as we protect people and property.


To provide our customers with the best possible service, the highest quality products and the right solution for your needs.



The safety of our clients and employees is moral imperative, an expected behavior, and a mindset that we ethically embrace. Safety is not only about policies, procedures, and equipment, it is all about the quality of our values.


We take our commitments very seriously and we aim to deliver our services at the highest standards. We continuously strive for optimal quality in services to our clients and employees.


We communicate openly about our product details, pricing, delivery days, all possible details and policies and acknowledge any shortcomings or challenges.


We conduct our business practices by following a moral and ethical framework. Our dedication to doing what is best for our clients and making a choice to do what is right, even if no one else knows.


Honesty at work is about trust, not rules. We are truthful about our thoughts and actions. We provide clear, honest information and create a foundation of trust that our clients can rely on.

Customer Satisfaction

Empathy, Respect, Trust, Openness, Accountability, Persistence, Customer-centricity, After-sales service - We build long lasting business relationships.